100x RGB LED - Color changing rainbow LED with slow color transition 5mm


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Product information "100x RGB LED - Color changing rainbow LED with slow color transition 5mm"
Probably the most important foundation for a colorful craft project: color-changing LEDs!
The RGBs change color slowly and independently from red to green, blue violet, white, yellow and green. And all without programming. The color transition is very slow, which leads to a nice effect.
The LEDs run on 3V. One CR2032 battery is enough. If you want to run more LEDs, two AA batteries in series are very good.
Some example ideas can be seen in the gallery. The pictures are to be seen as a "serving suggestion".

You are buying here 100 RGB LEDs.
Target group: Children, Grownup, Nerd

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Rainbow Unicorn - Simple kit for a fantastic badge
The great rainbow unicorn is something very special. The smiling unicorn is drawn with metal on the front of the board. Tail, horn and mane are slightly transparent and are illuminated from the back with rainbow LEDs. If you press the button, the hairs light up in all the colours of the rainbow. With this great soldering kit you can easily make a great badge. Only 6 components have to be soldered on the back. The only unusual thing is that the LEDs are THT, i.e. through-hole components. They are soldered on the back side lying on the surface. We used this trick to avoid having holes on the front. This way the unicorn can shine in its full glory without any blemishes in many colours!You can find a video of the rainbow colours here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8JFJ-eYq9oThe kit comes with all the necessary components and PCB:Board 4 rainbow RGB LEDsBattery holder SMD CR2032Switch

Cat soldering kit 01 - Simple SMD kit to collect and trade
The cat in the box is a simple SMD soldering kit for collecting and trading. On the back is a simple circuit with CR2032 battery holder, on-off switch and a resistor. The front shows the cat in the box with two glowing LED eyes.The special thing about this kit: You can choose the eye colour yourself :). Red, pink, green, orange? It doesn't matter. Let the cat eyes glow in your favourite colour.We will send you all the LED colours. You can then decide for yourself which eyes you would like to have. The following colours are included:redorangepinkgreenFor this kit you only need to solder 3 SMD components (0805) and a few larger components. So don't be put off by SMD. The eye effect is worth it :).The kit includes all necessary components and the PCB:Board2 0805 SMD LEDs (for the eyes)Battery holder SMD CR2032SwitchResistor 0805

SMD LED heart with NE555 - SMD kit with heart
With this SMD kit you can easily consolidate your experience in SMD soldering. Many different components ensure varied soldering experiences. 28 SMD LEDs form a heart on the front. On the back is an NE555, the most used chip in the world, and some decade counters.The result is an LED chaser in the shape of a heart. For the more experienced solderers, the speed of the running light can be adjusted by varying two resistors.Once you have soldered everything, you have a great pin in your hands. Perfect to wear around your neck!The kit comes with all the necessary components and PCB:Board28 SMD LEDsBattery holder SMD CR2032SwitchCapacitors, resistors and circuit electronicsThe battery is not included. A standard CR2032 battery is required.

I can solder - This first soldering kit is suitable for everyone
A beautifully simple kit. This kit is specially designed for soldering beginners. With it you can learn very easily how to use the soldering iron. On the front of the medal-shaped board is the logo of the Binary Kitchen e.V. (a chef's hat with a crossed screwdriver and soldering iron) and the inscription "I can solder". Three rainbow LEDs illuminate the board. There is also a battery holder and a pin on the back.After you have finished soldering the kit, you can proudly pin the medal to your chest!For the kit, THT components were used, i.e. components to be inserted and soldered. Only 9 soldering points have to be done and the kit is ready. Simply fast and almost always a success!Of course, we have for the kit a meaningful step-by-step instructions!The kit comes with all the necessary components and PCB:Board3 rainbow RGB LEDsBattery holder THT CR2032

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Ermer beeper - continuity tester not of this world
The Ermer beeper is a practical continuity checker for the electronics hobbyist and for those who want to become one. The beeper is based on the simplest principle and trains our sense of hearing for the circuit. Different frequencies can be used to detect different components. Due to its simple discrete construction, the continuity tester is extremely fast, faster than many multimeters.The continuity tester was developed by Christof Ermer and therefore bears the same surname.The kit comes with all the necessary components and a circuit board:Printed circuit boardLoudspeakerLasered wooden parts for the caseVarious resistors, transistors and capacitorsBanana socketsBattery HolderPlease note: this kit does NOT include test leads/test tips!

SMD running light - Soldering kit for the proper learning of soldering SMD components
With this kit you can easily learn the right SMD soldering, as this kit has many different SMD components.The running light is achieved by a circuit of a clockgenerator NE555 (U1) and two shift registers TI4017 (U2, U3). The NE555 uses the clock signal to shift one bit through both shift registers. At the end the circuit is reset and the cycle starts anew. The outputs of U2 controls the 20 LEDs (D1-D20). Since the TI4017 only has 10 outputs, one output controls two LEDs. U3 controls one transistor each (Q1, Q2) using two outputs, which alternately pull D1-D10 or D11-D20 to GND. This process repeats itself.The kit comes with all the necessary components and PCB:BoardSwitchResistors and LEDsClock NE555, shift registers, transistors etc.Battery holder

Fine Dust Sensor Kit - Complete kit compatible with sensor.community
Have you always wanted to build your own fine dust sensor? The citizen science project sensor.community (formerly luftdaten.info) has developed a kit including software that can be used to record fine dust data and, if desired, other data such as temperature, humidity and air pressure.Basic equipmentThis kit consists of all the basic electronic components needed to build the fine dust sensor "AirRohr": The actual fine dust sensor "Nova Fitness SDS011".A WLAN and controller module "NdeMCU v3"All necessary plug cablesA intake hose for the fine dust sensorNow all you need is a housing (you can find some ideas below), a micro USB cable (you can also order this from us) and a simple USB power supply (not included).More sensorsIn addition, the following sensors can be added (not included in the basic version):DHT22: A simple humidity and temperature sensor (no soldering required).BMP180: A slightly better sensor from Bosch for temperature and air pressure (soldering required)BME280: A sensor from Bosch that evaluates temperature, humidity and air pressure (soldering required)InstructionsThe instructions for the kit and all explanations can be found at https://sensor.community/en/sensors/airrohr/.Case ideasThe case is not included. You can let your imagination run wild with the case. The sensors must be protected from wind and weather and there should be openings for the fine dust intake pipe and the other sensors. The original instructions simply use two corner pieces of a drain pipe. Further ideas:A "bird house": https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4288829A wall-mounted box: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2775946Another housing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2843927

The OwlThief - A Golden Owl with Glowing Orange Eyes (Joul Thief circuit in THT version)
The gold on black owl with bright orange eyes is a simple soldering kit with the right WOW effect!A self-wound coil on the back, together with a few other components, ensures that even flat batteries still give their last and make two orange LEDs in the owl's eyes glow. The circuit is based on the so-called Joul-Thief circuit and that is why our owl is called OwlThief. The eyes of the owl and also the circuit board is a real eye-catcher. At no point is the gold-plated front pierced by a hole for the THT components. Instead, these are soldered onto the back. Attention: The batteries are really used to the absolute minimum. Please do not use rechargeable batteries! These will be destroyed in the process.The special thing about the Paltine: both THT and SMD components work. This is the THT version with the slightly larger and easier to solder THT components. Of course, everything is perfectly described in our instructions!Due to the special attachment of the battery holder, the owl stands all by itself. The eyes can be switched on and off by a switch on the top.The kit comes with all necessary parts and board:Printed circuit boardOrange LEDsFerrite core and cableTransistor, Z-diode, resistor and capacitorBattery holderSwitch for switching on and off

Rainbow butterfly: Beautiful necklace and simple soldering kit
A beautiful butterfly whose wings shine silver and are illuminated from behind with multi-colored LEDs. If you press the button, the wings shine in all colors of the rainbow.With this great soldering kit you can easily make a great necklace or brooch. On the back only 6 components must be soldered. A little unusual is only that the LEDs are THT, so through-hole components. They are soldered lying on the surface on the backside. We used this trick to have no holes on the front side. So the butterfly can shine in full glory without blemishes in many colors! All tricks are of course described in the instructions.You can find a video of the rainbow colours here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8JFJ-eYq9oThe kit comes with all the necessary components and PCB:Board4 rainbow RGB LEDsBattery holder SMD CR2032Switch

Humo - Your very own solder fume extractor
Humo is your personal, practical and loyal soldering companion. It sucks the soldering fumes for you and filters them through its activated carbon filter.The kit contains everything you need. Only a little soldering is needed and requires a little wood glue.A solder fume extractor is basically needed when soldering to extract the solder fumes through a filter. The soldering fume is not poisonous, but it is better if it does not go to your head all the time.In the Humo kit you will find everything you need for a complete solder fume extraction:The wooden case from the laser cutterA 120mm fanDC-DC Step-up converterFan grillMicro USB Connector for power1x activated carbon filter for the soldering fumesAs a power supply, your Humo can be connected to any USB port via a standard USB micro cable.Where does the name Humo come from?We were looking for a nice short name and did a little digging into other languages. Humo means "smoke" in Spanish. The perfect name for our little solder fume extractor.

Dark Side of the Moon... Cat - wonderful simple kit to solder and love - Please don't stare!
Excuse me? What are you staring at?This wonderful kit is very simple in terms of circuitry, but the result is simply hilarious. A cat from behind.. And what is that? The as... shines ... in rainbow colours!When you press the button, an RGB LED on the back lights up and makes the observer smile coyly. Now all you have to do is pin it to your jacket and you have the perfect conversation starter.The battery holder, switch and LED are hidden on the back. The only unusual thing about the LED is that it is a THT LED, i.e. a push-through component. It is soldered to the surface on the back, but lying down. We used this trick to avoid having holes on the front side.... Well... Exactly only one hole. So the one hole can shine in all the wonderful colours of the rainbow. All soldering tricks are of course described in the instructions.The kit comes with all the necessary components and PCB:BoardRainbow RGB LEDBattery holder SMD CR2032Switch