The youth hack Al Hacka Alpaka - Cooler than reality allows!


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Product information "The youth hack Al Hacka Alpaka - Cooler than reality allows!"
The youth hack alpaca Al Hacka is cooler than reality allows! From behind, the eyes are illuminated in all the colours of the rainbow. To make it even cooler, it comes with a pair of sleek black sunglasses.
The best thing is: With this soldering kit you can easily make a great pin, pendant or necklace even as a beginner. You only have to solder 4 components on the back. For those who already know a bit about soldering: The LEDs are THT, i.e. through-hole components. They are soldered to the surface on the back. We used this trick to avoid having holes on the front. This way the alpaca can shine in all its glory and without any blemishes.

For all those who are not yet ready: never mind! Detailed and well-tested instructions will guide you through this little soldering adventure.

You can find a video of the rainbow colours here:
(The video is of our unicorn, but it will give you an idea of how great the Al Hacka alpaca glows).

Target group

The electronic soldering kit is designed for beginners. Adults and children alike can have fun with the Alpaka soldering kit, although of course you should not let children solder alone. Relatively large components are used, which make it easy to learn how to solder. Only 4 components need to be soldered on. This is also possible for absolute beginners in a reasonable amount of time. And the shape? Who can resist the coolness of Al Hacka the Soldering Paka? :) It's best to order one or two of the other items as well, because as you can imagine, the alpaca soldering kit is a popular gift for friends, partners or children.

The components in the Jugendhackt soldering kit

Our kits always contain all the components you need for soldering. Unfortunately, we cannot send you the batteries. However, you can get them from DIY stores and larger supermarkets (more on this below under "Tools and accessories"). The soldering kit includes:

The circuit board

The circuit board is the heart of the alpaca. It forms the outline and the space to solder all the components. The board is made of fibreglass material which is coated with a gold alloy. A layer of white lacquer is applied on top. Some parts of the board are slightly transparent. This creates the great effects of the eyes! The icing on the cake: The sunglasses made of black PCB. The perfect addition for Al Hacka.


This is where the magic happens! RGB stands for red-green-blue and describes the different colours of the LED. It looks like an LED, but it is 3 tiny little LEDs that slowly alternate through an integrated circuit. This gives you all the colours of the rainbow. Look closely, the black dot you find in the LED is the entire circuit! Yes really, so tiny! Just connect 3V and the LED lights up in all colours. There are two RGB LEDs in the Alpaka soldering kit.

The SMD battery holder

The battery holder for CR2032 batteries is included in the kit in an SMD construction. It is soldered onto the surface like the other components. How to do this is described in the soldering instructions. The battery itself is then simply plugged in. The battery lasts for 4-8 hours of continuous operation. So you should switch off your alpaca to save some power. You can get a new one in any well-stocked supermarket, in do-it-yourself stores and Swedish furniture stores.

A switch

Of course, a switch is also included! The switch is easy to operate and therefore ideal for children (and adult hands). The switch locks and stays in the position (on or off) you want the switch to be in. A great perceptible "click" provides haptic and acoustic comfort.

Required tools

Here we describe what the minimum soldering workstation looks like: Der Lötarbeitsplatz
In order to light up the Alpaka soldering kit, you need to buy one CR2032 battery per Alpaka at a DIY store or a large supermarket/Swedish furniture store.
Also, tweezers are especially helpful for this kit :)

Instructions and help

To make it easy for you to solder the kit, we have put together detailed instructions with lots of pictures and individual steps for each of our kits. There you will be guided step by step through the assembly and there are many tips and tricks on how to solder correctly. For the majority of our soldering kits there are also interactive circuits with the names of the components and the tracks. All instructions are available in German and English.

For environmental reasons we do not print our instructions. In fact, it is better to view them on screen, as you can then zoom into the high-resolution photos to see details. On each kit you will find a QR code or link to the instructions.

You can find all the instructions as PDF files at the following link:
Just click on "DE" or "EN" for the right kit and you can download a PDF.

3D printed case

Axel from Hacklabor Schwerin has built a wonderful case for the Al Hacka Alpaka. You can find all the necessary data here:

Lovingly packed for you by hand

All soldering kits are lovingly packed for you by hand in Germany. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that a component is packed too much or too little. If something is too much: No problem! Keep the components and use them for your creations! If something is missing: No problem! Just send us an email and we will send you the missing parts.

Show us your alpaca

We at blinkyparts are super excited to hear what your Al Hacka soldering kit turned out to be. A pin? A hairclip? Did you paint or tattoo the alpaca? A pin for your backpack or something completely different? Share your photo with us at

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Help others with your feedback

It is often difficult to judge whether a soldering kit is something for you. Help others by giving us a rating, a feedback. How did it work? What equipment did you have? What did you like most about it? What is your alpaca doing now? Just leave a review here on the product page under "Reviews".

Build Time: 20-40 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Manual and iteractive board:
Needed batteries (not inclueded): CR2032 coin cell / LIR2032 rechargeable coin cell
Target group: Children, Grownup, Nerd

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