Nibble Peg - Very simple kit with 4 LEDs


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Product number: blipa23042
Product information "Nibble Peg - Very simple kit with 4 LEDs"
A very simple soldering kit with four LEDs. The four LEDs are connected with a few wires to a battery holder. As soon as a battery is inserted, the LEDs light up in all colors of the rainbow. Thanks to the clothespin, you can easily attach the artwork afterwards. No big soldering skills are needed for this kit. It is really ideal even for children and teenagers.

The name comes from the unit "Nibble". A nibble is a unit for four bits (half a byte).
Build Time: 20-40 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Manual and iteractive board:
Needed batteries (not inclueded): CR2032 coin cell / LIR2032 rechargeable coin cell
Target group: Children, Grownup

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