Battery holder for CR2032 batteries - THT version


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Product number: blink231642
Product information "Battery holder for CR2032 batteries - THT version"
Every circuit needs energy. Here a CR2032 battery with 3V can be inserted very easily. Cables can be soldered to the soldering legs or the battery holder can be soldered to a PCB.
The THT version has two small legs at the bottom.
One battery holder is included in the delivery.
Target group: Children, Grownup, Nerd

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RGB LED - Color changing rainbow LED with slow color transition 5mm
Probably the most important foundation for a colorful craft project: color-changing LEDs!The RGBs change color slowly and independently from red to green, blue violet, white, yellow and green. And all without programming. The color transition is very slow, which leads to a nice effect.The LEDs run on 3V. One CR2032 battery is enough. If you want to run more LEDs, two AA batteries in series are very good.Some example ideas can be seen in the gallery. The pictures are to be seen as a "serving suggestion". You buy here only one RGB LED.