Welcome to our onlineshop for soldering kits

In our onlineshop you will find different soldering kits and equipment around soldering. With these kits we want to give you, your friends and children an opportunity to learn more about soldering and maybe even give you one or two useful gadgets. Most kits are developed by volunteers and are available in different levels of difficulty.

Of course you can also just browse through our parts and create something new yourself.

What happens with the earnings?

The unique thing about our online shop: We donate all profits to non-profit organizations. Of course we also have to pay for kits, material and rent. After we have deducted the expenses, all profits go to the right people, namely those who make sure that we all learn something new.

With every purchase you support the charitable work of many organizations. Thank you!

We are Hackspace/Club/School and want to buy a lot of kits.
It's great you want to show others how easy soldering can be. Get in touch with us. Of course you don't have to pay the usual price.