Sticker pack: 10x ROT13 Military-Grade Encryption


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Product number: blink234242
Product information "Sticker pack: 10x ROT13 Military-Grade Encryption"
Safer? Safer? ROT13! With this sticker you can show that you can "encrypt" extremely well! According to military standards!!!1!11

Of course, there is a catch: ROT13 is not encryption at all. The sticker ironically points out: What is frequently sold in the industry as a very secure method "military grade" is often just smoke and mirrors. You can find a clear explanation of ROT here:

The wonderful ZSchoen came up with this idea while listening to a lecture by Sylvain Pelissier. The sticker is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and for us ZSchoen released it for sale \o/.

This smooth sticker is printed on 90g adhesive film and is suitable for outdoor use. The sticker has a size of 4cm and is round. The sticker is printed in red on a dark grey background (the colours may differ from the pictures).

You get 10 stickers per sticker pack!

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