Dice with Microcontroller - A simple dice kit ideal for beginners


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Product number: blipa23642
Product information "Dice with Microcontroller - A simple dice kit ideal for beginners"
This kit is a simple dice made possible with a microcontroller. The 7 LEDs show a small animation after pressing the button and then randomly roll a number between 1-6.
The kit is ideal for beginners as no programming is required and only a few simple components need to be soldered. After only a little soldering time you have a great cube to play with.
Build Time: 1-2 Hours
Difficulty: Easy
Manual and iteractive board: https://binary-kitchen.github.io/SolderingTutorial/
Needed batteries (not inclueded): AA (Mignon) batteries / AA rechargable batteries
Target group: Children, Grownup

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